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Whether you’re looking for property for sale or property for rent, G20 Property makes searching easy. Use our unique geolocation mapping feature to root-out your ideal villa, townhouse or apartment and contact the owners direct. We will help you find your dream house in just a few seconds, with all the powerful features and valuable real estate tools & info, G20 PROPERTY makes listing and searching easy!

Our listing process is 100% online, secure, and easy – no clunky printing, faxing, or emailing of forms needed. Complete your listing in less than 10 minutes with the most streamlined and convenient way to list your property for sale or rent in the G20 Property Portal. The next step following that is where you will submit your property details and digital photos/videos.

Submit your listing in ONE EASY STEP! Set-Up Now, Your G20 PROPERTY Profile and get a FREE listing.

Powerful Features:

  • Premium Real Estate Portal designed for independent Real Estate Agents and Agencies, FSBOs, Real Estate Developers
  • Flexibility you need to provide the best user experience
  • Help you create a unique and modern real estate listing
  • Proffesional choice for real estate listing
  • Front end property submission and easily manage content from user dashboard
  • Ajax map search which is a powerful real estate search
  • Fully responsive and Modern design
  • Property management, Multi-Currency dropdown, Featured Agent, Mortgage Calculator, Advanced Search, Save Searches, Favorite Listings, Featured Listing, Social Links, Contact, Login/User Dashboard, Zillow Estimate, Recent Listings
  • Agent description and profile image, Email, Phone, Mobile, Skype ID, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, Website Url
  • Google Maps position (Latitude, Longitude, Google Street View & Street Camera Control)
  • Walkscore API connection to show property walkscore based on property address
  • Add 1 Video in property slider, from Vimeo or YouTube
  • Agent contact form sends all messages received through agent page directly to agent email
  • Offer you the possibility to search for properties on Google Maps and they can easily find results nearby your location (with geolocation) or in other areas
  • Each property can have its own custom image pin on the map, so it’s easy for you to spot the type of real estate listing you’re looking for
  • Properties lists based on specific categories, types, cities or areas
  • In each property you can attach other properties as subunits. The subunits will show in advanced search results
  • You can find other similar listings from the same city, area and type
  • Show your real estate offer with enhancing virtual tours directly from the property page to attract more buyers
  • A hidden field for owner and admin only, managed in Submit Property in front end
  • Add Floor Plan, Attach PDF to property, PDF Print Elements Management control which property elements to show in print property option
G20 PROPERTY provides many features to simplify how users interact on the web.


Owner/User Listing :

  1. ☑ BASIC / 3 Listing / 0 Feature / 12 Bulan / USD.0 (FREE)

Single Agent Listing :

  1. ☑ BRONZE / 10 Listings / 0 Feature / 12 Months / USD.0 (FREE)
  2. ☑ SILVER / 20 Listings / 10 Features / 12 Months / USD.19
  3. ☑ PEARL / 30 Listings / 15 Features / 12 Months / USD.29
  4. ☑ RUBY / 50 Listings / 25 Features / 12 Months / USD.49
  5. ☑ GOLD / 100 Listings / 50 Features / 12 Months / USD.99

Agency Listing :

  1. ☑ DIAMOND / 10 Listings / 0 Features / 6 Months / USD.0 (FREE)
  2. ☑ PLATINUM / 500 Listings / 250 Features / 12 Months / USD.395
  3. ☑ TITANIUM / 1000 Listings / 500 Features / 12 Months / USD.695
  4. *Agencies can add agents from their own dashboard in front end. Agents will publish listings from the agency membership allowed listings, if they belong to an agency

Developer Listing :

  1. ☑ PROJECT A (Projek Developer) / 2 Projects / 2 Features / 6 Months / USD.395
  2. ☑ PROJECT B (Projek Developer) / 5 Projects / 5 Features / 6 Months / USD.695
  3. *Developers can add agents from their own dashboard in front end. Agents will publish listings from the developer membership allowed listings, if they belong to an developer

Banner Advertising (Developer/Bank/Corporate):

  1. ☑ PROJECT HEAD BANNER (AD1) / 1 Month / USD.995
  2. ☑ BIG BANNER (AD2) / 1 Month / USD.995
  3. ☑ SMALL BANNER (AD3) / 1 Month / USD.495
  4. ☑ COMPANY PROFILE BLOG (AD4) / 6 Months / USD.995


  1. Bank Transfer (bank accounts will be notified automatically in admin panel)
  2. Credit Card & PayPal

How to Listing:

  1. Register (Click), fill in your email, username & password
  2. Login, choose/up-grade your package (free or premium)
  3. Admin will activate your listing on max 1 x 24 hours,, then you can create your property page

Set-Up Now, Your G20 PROPERTY Profile and get a FREE or Premium listing.

Happy Listing and Promoting (^_^)

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