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Why use video when selling your home?

Posted by G20 PROPERTY on May 2, 2015
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Use video selling home | Marketing is an essential component in selling or renting your property. Video tours can be an effective method in presenting the home that creates a deeply engaging, fun, and informative experience.

When potential buyers are located far away from the property, an excellent video tour can be the trigger to cause them to travel to see your property. In fact, a number of our clients have sold leases and homes using only our video tours, without the buyers or renters ever visiting the property.

Potential buyers searching for property on G20 Proper can now watch a video of your property as easily as viewing the photos on the photo carousel. Why not give yourself another opportunity to stand out and grab buyer attention?

Having a video may give potential buyers:

  • A better online tour of your property
  • A professional and lasting impression
  • Another way to interact with your listing

Talk to your agent about using a video in your online advertising.

Why Use Video to Sell Your Home?

The popularity of videos is growing and buyers love them

Help Your Property Stand Out

When selling a home, it can be a struggle to make it stand out from the crowd. No matter how wonderful your property is, there are many loud and bright advertisements to compete against when you put your home up in online listings.

One selling technique you can try that many don’t think of is getting a professional to shoot a video of your home. With more and more people using smart phone technology, ease of access to video information is greater than ever before. But why should you use video for your home sale?

When you get a video shot of your home, you are instantly offering an up-close and personal look at your property that photography and words cannot provide. The sounds and visuals are much more vivid, and you can run a ’walk-through’ of the property, giving viewers a great feel for the flow of your halls and rooms. It’s a level of closeness that can only be matched by seeing the home in person, only now you can broadcast it to the whole internet. It’s effectively a beautiful window into your home that can be accessed 24 hours a day!

You Can Make the Property Look Its Best

When you use video to depict your home, you can really show off the best angles and views throughout the property. When you engage a professional to shoot your home, they will understand where the light shines through particularly well and which shots are most effective for certain rooms. You can end up with a beautifully tailored video that will have your home shining bright like a star!

While it can be tempting to jump in front of the camera yourself, remember that it is vital to present a ‘blank slate’ with your home onto which buyers can imprint their own life.

You Can Look Like a Professional

By getting the technical aspects of your video right, you can make the charms of your home work within a professional setting, catching the eye of anyone looking to buy real estate. Take your time when choosing who will video your home, and make sure they take extra care with lighting and sound. You don’t want wind to muffle the outdoor shots, and a true professional should have the right gear to manage light throughout the home.

Hiring a professional to video your home may not be the absolute cheapest option, but getting a superbly shot video sequence can enhance your sale prospects greatly.

If you don’t have the equipment or know-how to get a great video of your home, consider talking to a real estate agent who does!




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